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Connecting Everyday Living to the Revitalizing Power of Nature

Nature is here for all of us. As a protector, it offers life-giving materials and lasting memories to us in abundance, always with the promise to nourish and heal. As a meditation, it invites us into mindfulness by shifting our focus upward toward the trees, guiding us into clarity by way of wind and light.

With an endless flow of colours, textures, and species, the natural world radiates all that it means to be alive. My commitment to nature, through murals, is to carefully observe these messages and bring them into our homes, offices, and communities. To create bridges between the natural world and our everyday lives, through my paintbrush.

Pam Lostracco

Toronto Metropolitan University, Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching. Photo by Harry Choi. 

“We have worked with Pam for the past several years and highly recommend her for any custom design project. She has enlivened our large office space with a biophilic design that is simple, uplifting and welcoming to our TMU community. Pam is a pleasure to work with, a great collaborator and a patient contractor. Despite a very chaotic time with many changes on our side, Pam’s consultation process, design development, and production activity was always professional, flexible and pleasurable. She masterfully integrated our feedback throughout the process, and we are already considering ways to work together again in the future.” 

~Andrea Ridgley, Manager, Toronto Metropolitan University

Bringing the visions of cities, businesses, and art enthusiasts to life for 25 years, Pam blends the principles of design and painting into thoughtful murals. She creates distinctive visual experiences that are supportive to mental health and biophilia, which is our innate desire to be connected to nature.

As the creator of the infamous Mountain Mural, Pam is best known for distilling beautiful observations from nature into mood-enhancing murals, creating spaces that feel inventive and uplifting.

"Magic Mountains" Field Trip Health's Recovery Room. Photo by Nathan Bryson. 

Biophilic murals not only improve walls and spaces, but help to relieve stress and anxiety, build connections to nature, and make us happy. 

If you’re an organization or art enthusiast looking to find unique ways to bring revitalizing landscapes and natural patterns into your interior spaces, I’d love to hear from you! 

"I had a wonderful experience hiring Pam to paint a mural. The Mountain Mural has completely transformed my space and looking at it makes me so happy every day. Pam showed me a scaled drawing in colour so I knew exactly how it would look before it was painted. She was a cheerful presence in my home and it was so much fun watching the mural evolve. Hiring Pam is one of the best investments I've ever made. She did exactly what I wanted—but even better!

~Marsha Shandur, CEO & Founder of Yes Yes Marsha

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"We chose Pam to do our mural because the images on her website intrigued us. She was very open to our ideas and was able to show us exactly how the mural would look on our wall in different colour options. She was a delight to work with—tidy and reliable—and I miss our chats!" 

~Sherri Appell  

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