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Let Me Paint My Imagination on Your Wall

My passion is to draw and explore. I've lived up to the first 4 letters in my last name, from getting LOST in my grandpa's backyard to going on jungle adventures in Borneo. I find inspiration by looking at the details in colour combinations, natural shapes and rare patterns. Being in nature makes me feel calmer, clearer and completely invigorated. 

I wish to share these uplifting emotions by creating happy and creative atmospheres, in spaces where we live and work. Our homes and offices are where we spend the majority of our time, where it's essential to feel our best so we can be productive. I believe, surrounding ourselves in beautiful paintings of nature, radiates calmness throughout the room and clarity within ourselves. Similar to looking at a photograph of a favourite vacation spot, can trigger the same warm emotions as actually being there. 

My designs are hand drawn from unique shapes I find in parks and gardens. I carefully select colours that look natural, that coordinate with the furniture, and helps integrate the room as a whole. The result is a transformation—from a flat wall, into a three-dimensional experience. It feels like being somewhere new, where your creative spirit and imagination are free to soar...

Where would you like to be? Let's create your world!


Pam Lostracco is recognized as an award-winning graphic designer and artist. While studying at OCAD, she completed an exchange in Scotland, won a group competition and earned two scholarships—including her name on a plaque at The Arts and Letters Club.

Pam has worked for several Toronto design studios, including Dinnick & Howells and Viva Dolan. While working with the best art directors, she produced high-end books and identities for clients including Butterfield & Robinson, Curious Papers and Ace Bakery. These projects earned awards from the Advertising & Design Club of Canada, Applied Arts, and Communication Arts. Her illustrations have also been printed in books for Jump Math and Fisher Price and she continues to design books and logos. 

A year-long travel endeavour, started a new artistic path of making mixed-media artwork. Her drawings and photographs were layered into a unique style that has been exhibited at the McMichael, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and Toronto Pearson International Airport. She has collaborated with public art projects, including a bench design for Liberty Village, photographs presented in TTC stations for the Contact Photography Festival, and a group exhibition with RedEye Gallery for the Luminato Festival. Pam's artwork and products have been purchased by the Four Seasons Hotel, Craft Ontario and The Textile Museum of Canada. 

Currently, Pam continues to draw nature and explore places while making hand-painted custom-designed murals. Her uplifting murals have appeared in residences, boutique shops and resorts in Toronto, Thailand, New Jersey, British Columbia and towns around Ontario and have been featured on Apartment Therapy and Pinterest. Pam's goal is to improve interior spaces around the world by stimulating a greater connection to nature—and to ourselves. 

To view Pam's full CV, click here. To get a quote for a mural or design, send an email

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