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Let's Create Your World!

Every mural is unique—and so is every quote. The mural is designed to your vision and to compliment the space it will be in. Before sending a quote, I'd like to understand what you need. It just takes a few steps:

1. First, get inspired! Here's some murals for image and colour inspiration.

2. Then, send an email with the wall's dimensions (width x height), the type of room and the image you have in mind. 

3. Lastly, we'll set up a call so I can learn more about you and the purpose of the room. 

I live in Toronto but even if you don't—I'd love to fly to your part of the world! 

The Process

To create the perfect mural, we’ll work together in a collaborative process. From working out the pricing to signing my name, here’s what to expect between:

* First, we have a conversation about the project vision. If you’re in Toronto, there’s an on-site consultation to take photos and get measurements. 

* We discuss logistics (ie. who will prep and prime the wall, if we will borrow or rent necessary equipment, if we need permits or a time-lapse, etc.).

* Estimate and contract is emailed, then client signs-off. 50% deposit is due. 

* 1-2 weeks of research and sketching, then 1-3 concepts are presented by PDF. 

* Client approves 1 concept. A final drawing is designed to-scale and in colour (with reference to paint chips). 

* Drawing is approved. Paint and supplies are purchased, equipment is arranged. 

* Painting dates are scheduled. Client has the painting area cleared. We arrange for my access to the building, a sink and overnight storage. 

* I set up the work area, including drop sheets, signs and camera. I paint the mural! Depending on complexity, painting ranges from 3-15 days. 

* Invoice is sent and final payment is due. Time-lapse is created and shared online. 

Now you get to forever enjoy your new view!

Design & Painting Services

I offer a variety of services for both residences and businesses:

* MURALS: Painted directly onto a wall, they fill the entire surface from left to right, floor to ceiling. They'll bring depth and atmosphere to any room. 

* MOVEABLE MURALS: Like a mural but painted onto a stretched canvas or board. A great option if you live far away or plan to move. 

* SIGNS: Logos, lettering or directional infographics can be painted directly onto a wall or a separate surface. 

* GRAPHIC DESIGN: Most of my professional experience is designing: Branding / Books / E-books and E-courses / Brochures / Illustration.

* ARTWORK: Mixed-media paintings made of layers of nature drawing and photography. Mounted in a contemporary acrylic frame, the painting appears to float away from the wall. Paintings and drawings are available in my Shop and on Etsy. 


Nature-inspired art and products for your special someone. Click on the shop links below or set up an appointment to see it in person. 

Acrylic Paintings, a unique mixture of photography, drawing, painting and dreaminess, framed in a lovely acrylic. 

Etsy has some fun paper goods and accessories, including Mountain Calendars and Art Scarves. 

Society6 has wearables for both you and your accessories! Check out tanks, rugs, phone covers and more!  

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