Celia Chandler

"When my husband had a double garage built at the back of our property early this year, I asked myself, "How do I make that structure work as a positive addition to the yard?" The garage was the backdrop to our primary outdoor seating area so I decided to turn it into a piece of art. I contacted a friend in the arts world about a muralist and without hesitation she recommended Pam.  

Pam immediately embraced the project. She developed a concept that reflects what's important to Jack and I (animals, birds, local plants) and picked a colour palate that's sophisticated and subtle. The result became 2 murals—one in the backyard for us and our many guests and a second on the park side of the garage for our Weston neighbours to enjoy. As people walk past, some stop, some take pictures, and most importantly for us, they all smile.

Pam was professional, responsive, and an all-round pleasant artist. I know that we will enjoy her work for many years to come and fondly remember this summer as a result."

Andy Lee, Ryerson University

"Pam is an incredibly talented artist and designer who has consistently delivered beautiful, creative solutions for various projects ranging from print publications to an impressive mural featuring an anamorphic illusion. She is a pleasure to work with, hardworking and highly recommended!"

Ollie Quinn Toronto

"From our very first meeting with Pam, we were infinitely impressed with both her passion and professionalism. Pam thoughtfully created a concept for a mural that aligned succinctly with our brand’s identity, and fit seamlessly with the neighbourhood our main store is located in. Balancing the visual accuracy of her subject matter (the bilberry plant) with the existing aesthetic of our store’s interior, Pam created a stunning mural that countless OQ customers have fallen in love with since its completion. Working quickly to accommodate a deadline for our International Women’s Day 2018 campaign, Pam’s presence in our boutique was a joy. While she finished painting the mural in a matter of days, we’ll be admiring her beautiful bilberries in our store for years to come."

Margaret and Charles

"I can't stay away from the Great Room! I think about it all day and then want to get home and bask in it and look at our incredible mountains. Have been humming all week from the event and the beautiful mountains that stay with us..."

Alicia Lumsden, Owner of The Queens Shoppe Salon

"Pam took the time to listen, understand and create a stunning mural from what I asked for. She is professional, hardworking and determined to finish projects in a timely manner. I love the finished product, as do my clients and neighborhood passer by's!"

Tiffany Clay, Owner of Your Fit Healthy Life

"Pam is a talented and gifted artist. She really listened and paid attention and had the ability to ‘see’ my logo out of the murky ideas in my head! The logo proposals were thoughtfully prepared, not only in how they appeared visually but in the message they conveyed about my brand and how I wanted it to show up in the world. I was blown away by what she was able to create from our conversations. She was a pleasure to work with and her work far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Pam!"

Interview with Andrea's Number

"This week I interview my friend Pam Lostracco. Pam has worked as a freelance designer and artist for ten years, plus nine years working experience. We talk about what inspires her, the lessons she’s learned and the importance of beauty. Pam showed me around her gorgeous apartment in Toronto, which has been featured in Apartment Therapy."

Watch the video...

The Mountain Mural Bedroom Makeover

"Last Spring, I started envisioning how my artwork would look at a larger size. The mountain design I created for a calendar was doing really well, so I decided to start my first large piece by transferring the mountains onto my bedroom wall. Not only did it transform the atmosphere in the whole room but my entire business plan too! I felt entirely in my element throughout the whole process which has resulted in my new mural business." Read the full article...

Jen Rovinelli

"Nash is loving his new room! He used to throw fits when you tried to take him in. Now, he goes up the stairs and immediately into his room to play... I think that's a sign of approval!!”

15 Unusual Ideas to Try in 2015

"We took a look at top Pins for January in some of the fastest growing topics on Pinterest (like gardening, woodworking and DIY), and people have come up with some amazingly creative ideas for the year ahead. Here are 15 of our favorites." Read the full article...

Cheryl Anderson

"We are still loving your pieces around our house Pam. They make me smile every time I see them!"

Save the Date

“No need to spend seven years in Tibet. Just one will do, in the form of Pam Lostracco’s Mountain Calendar, inspired by her travels through Thailand and Laos.” Read the full article...

Katharine, Mom

"Last year my daughter was gifted one of your Fish Colouring Books by the nurses at the hospital for Sick Children on Christmas Eve. She still treasures it today and took it as a sign that the nurses who have cared for all her six years, care for her as much as she does them. She liked it so much that she's never drawn in it. I know that's not your intention but I still thought you'd like to know."

Lissa M. Cowan, Author

"Pam came up with truly amazing design concepts for my new online course that I could never have imagined. Pam lives and breathes art and design, and her love for what she does is positively infectious! She is not only incredibly talented, but is also a joy to work with. Her vision for my product catapulted me to a whole new level of my business, and I feel truly blessed to have found her."

Marsha Shandur, CEO & Founder of Yes Yes Marsha

"I had a wonderful experience hiring Pam to paint a mural in my apartment. Everybody who sees it, admires it—I've even been called "stylish" for choosing it to have it painted! The mural has completely transformed my space and looking at it makes me happy every single day.

Pam planned out exactly where it would go and came up with excellent suggestions for how the colours would look. She was a cheerful presence in my home and it was so much fun watching her paint!

Hiring Pam is one of the best investments I've ever made. She did exactly what I wanted—but even better!"

Erica Johnson, Society6 Customer

"Yay! I ordered the mugs and then sent the link of the Keep Going poster to my mom and sister for Christmas gift ideas. I'm eyeing several other things as well :) Thank you, I can't wait to sip some tea from my beautiful new mugs!"

Traci Rancier, Blogger

"This is breathtakingly beautiful! I find being in the mountains is so serene. You have captured this feeling 100%."

7 innovative, unique wrapping paper ideas

“If you leave these under the tree too early, you might find the puzzle completed long before Santa comes. Don't blame them if they complete the crossword without opening the gift first.” Read the full article...

Kevin Linder, Jump Math

“Pam is a highly talented graphic designer and artist whose work for JUMP Math stands out for the excellent quality of her book designs and illustrations and for her abiding creativity, responsiveness, and overall professionalism.”

14 Calendars for 2014

"Inspired by the mountain ranges she viewed in Thailand and Laos, Toronto-based artist Pam Lostracco created a new way to read the year at a glance with her Mountain Calendar. The months and numbers "walk" along the top of each ridge like hikers. The print is available in three additional colors, and can be found at Etsy." Read the full article...

Sophie Luxton

“Pam was a great listener and an easy communicator. She responded well to my feedback and understood what I wanted changed. Professional, fast and talented, Pam made the experience of designing a logo for my new business exciting, creative and easy.”

Anna Marie, Etsy Customer

“I bought two of the Mountain Calendars – they are even more amazing in person! I gave one to my boyfriend who LOVED it and I showed it to coworkers who all thought they were beautiful and unique. Pam is very talented – I hope to buy from her again next year!”

Sandra Mah, Teacher

“You're amassing quite a following of admirers of your work, including myself! I've always admired your courage, commitment and confidence in your pursuit of being an artist. Your style and technique are quite unique – the layers make me notice something different each time, while still looking at the same piece.”

Steph Seagram

“I love your artwork — it's very organic and has a beautiful, ephemeral, airiness to it. Very delicate, but quietly powerful.”

Marsha Shandur, Author of Off the Mic

"Pam is an absolute dream to work with. I asked her to design and illustrate the cover of my book for Bloomsbury "Harry Potter" Publishing. It was my first book, so I wanted it to be just right!

She did an AMAZING job—it truly felt like she reached into my brain and created exactly what I was envisioning. Bloomsbury asked for some revisions and she was able to make suggestions that kept everyone happy and still looked the way I wanted it to. 

I highly recommend Pam as your designer. She will bring your vision to life, in its most powerful form!"

Mary Ellen, Etsy Customer

"My Mom loves, loves, loves her calendar! I have attached a picture of her with it for you. It's truly more beautiful in person than in the picture. I have given her a calendar each year since I was a child and thought yours would be extra unique for her 86th birthday. Thank you so much for the care you took for this very special gift for my Mom."

Lee-Ann Scott

“Pam, your art is beautiful. I'm a gardener and your art has captured the essence of the spirituality, purity, and truth of flowers that connects to a gardener’s soul.”

Amy Wahbe

"Working with Pam has been a dream! She is so lovely and patient, taking the time to go over the different options with me, making sure I was happy with my choices. Pam is professional, friendly, has a great eye, pays attention to detail and goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are happy and fully satisfied."

Liberty Village Project a Benchmark for Beauty, by Christopher Hume (Toronto Star)

One of the most interesting—especially if you like reading benches—is Bench Break by Christine Stephens, Pam Lostracco and Craig Wing-King, three young graphic designers who get together Sundays to make art. Read the full article...

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