Let's Create Your World!

Getting Started

First, I'd like to hear from you! Send an email with the wall's dimensions (length and height) and an image you have in mind. I live in Toronto but even if you don't, email me anyways—I'd love to fly to your part of the world!


Whether you're looking to brighten your home or open a new business, I offer a variety of services for both residential and commercial spaces:

WALL MURALS are an excellent way to create atmosphere and emotion. A mountainscape will bring calmness and expansiveness to a bedroom. A flock of flying birds will create an uplifting sense of freedom to a workspace. 

VIGNETTES are smaller murals of individual objects. It may float, like a mandala centred on a wall in the bathroom. Or incorporate architectural features, like a string of animals walking along the baseboard in a children's playroom. 

MOVEABLE MURALS are a great option if you live far away or are planning to move. You choose the colours and design and I paint it directly onto a stretched canvas or board. Then it's shipped to where ever you are, and it can be easily packed to where ever you may go. 

SIGN MURALS are hand painted onto a wall or sign in your shop or office. A variety of surfaces include drywall, brick, wood and tiles. Starting a new business and need a logo? I can do that too! Here's some of my logo designs. 

Mural Designs

Choose from a range of existing designs or get one custom made just for you! 

EXISTING: Check out the murals I've already painted or email me with an idea you have in mind. New projects are added regularly so keep checking back!

CUSTOM: The skies the limit when it comes to image and style. Perhaps you'd like a vibrant jungle scene in the entrance of a new shop, or a soft pattern of your favourite flower in the bedroom. I'll create a unique design that reflects your colours and brand. 

The Process

There are 3 stages to complete a mural:

1: CONSULTATION: Let's meet each other! If you're in Toronto, I visit the location to take measurements and photograph the space. We'll also discuss your vision and any colour preferences. If you're outside of Toronto, we can chat on Skype. This will give me enough information to set up an accurate quote. 

2: DESIGN: I'll create a scaled drawing of your wall, with the design incorporating any furniture and trim. The colours are chosen to match and compliment the decor. Paint chips are selected and then we have a second meeting to confirm the colours. I use Benjamin Moore's interior eggshell but am more than willing to accommodate any other preferences.

3: PAINTING: We schedule the painting dates for when I'll be in your home or office. Depending on the complexity, most murals take between 1-8 days. I'll bring the paint, supplies and necessary equipment. Drop sheets and painters tape are used to protect the floors. Please make sure your wall is clean and have all items cleared from the area before I arrive. When the mural's complete, you get to forever enjoy your new view!


A few factors affect the price, including the size of your wall, the number of colours and the amount of detail in the design. For this reason, quotes are made individually for each project. Here's a few examples:

Wall Mural
Size: 18 x 10 feet 
Price: $1800

Moveable Mural
Size: 7 x 2.5 feet 
Price: $900

Sign Mural
Size: 5 x 5 feet 
Price: $450

Artwork and Gifts

My work comes in many forms! Add a colourful piece of nature-inspired art to your walls or buy a sweet something for a special someone. Set up an appointment to see the acrylic art in person. 

Acrylic Art, a unique mixture of photography, drawing, painting and dreaminess, framed in a lovely acrylic. 

Etsy has some fun paper goods and accessories, including Mountain Calendars and Art Scarves. 

Society6 has wearables for both you and your accessories! Check out tanks, rugs, phone covers and more!  

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